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Lord Josoner von Wirkgarten has asked the city of Talon officials to make stronger fortifications of the Adamantine Porte in order to be better prepared against Wolven raids.
“The Wolven convoys passing through the coastal waters of the secluded, northern Yodanian city are growing bigger from week to week. Although their targets are the rich cities and ports of the Western Empire, sooner or later even remote towns like Talon will be fresh meat to the northern barbarians,” Lord Josoner expressed his concerns to our newspaper.
An official response on the part of the Crystal Palace is still pending. Behind closed doors already there is speculation that King Seheki VII the Magnificent will not raise taxes to fund the rising military spending to defend against the Wolfen threat.

Talon is a seafood fishing center especially known for its blue lobster, a very highly esteemed Rubidium delicacy that is only found here.