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Our colleague Oselle describes her astral trip to the Blue Mountains with the psionic master Keselow in this short report.

It’s the second hour after noon when I nervously knock on the door of Keselow, a psionic master. An oppressive heat hangs over Magnora and I’m not sure if I’m sweating from the violent movements of the fan or from the heat – or am I queasy about my upcoming trip? I dont know. Before I become lost in my thoughts, a snow-white servant with red eyes opens the door and lets me in. Rarely does one see albinos from the northwestern part of the Eastern Empire. What fate has possibly brought him out of the foothills of the Giant Mountains?

He leads me through a pleasantly cool hallway into a windowless room with a white stucco ceiling, which is covered throughout with black carpets, curtains and tapestries.

There Master Keselow greets me. He is a wiry man in his late 40s who can almost match his servant’s skin pallor. Of course he is dressed completely in black, as psionics often do. His beardless face smiles at me politely with serious eyes.

Am I quite sure I want to make this astral journey? – Yes, I am.

Am I not too young for such an experience? – No, in my extended family there are some wizards who have already given me some good advice.

Finally he shrugs his shoulders and asks me to make myself comfortable on the black sofa and close my eyes.

Once again he clarifies for me the procedure in the guided tour:

That I should not resist him when he enters my mind,

That I should not be alarmed if I suddenly see my body lying lifeless beneath me….

The explanation begins to bore me and I have to concentrate on answering the prescribed questions from the Mages Guild.

At last we’re on our way. As I close my eyes and take two or three deep breaths, I become aware of Master Keselow cautiously entering my mind. A sense of panic jolts me wide awake, but some soothing thoughts from the psionic gradually calm me down.

Suddenly I’m floating above myself and looking down at my abandoned body. Master Keselow grabs me by my spirit hand. His grip gives me a sense of security, because I am moving waveringly and uncertainly, floating here and there like a water plant in the current of a river.

In the astral world there are no real distances. Everything is lined up next to each other as in a multidimensional chain.

Master Keselow pulls me into a cloud of colors in a split second.

A rainbow of resplendent hues spreads before me. They would be the dream of every dyer in the Drapers Quarter. Shades of orange are so delicate that I can imagine myself wrapped in them like a lovely flowing gown. Reds that I have never seen before seem both warm and comforting.

Master Keselow reads my mind and tells me that the psionics call it infrared. He also makes me pay attention to the blue-violet hues, which radiate a certain coldness but at the same time remind me of a clear sunny day. In the terminology of the psionic, this is ultraivolet.

How would I look in an ultraviolet scarf?

In my mind Master Keselow laughs, a little amused.

In addition I have the ability to see ultraviolet outside the astral world.

Now we continue on. In just a moment we are in a range of blue mountains and valleys.

When everything around you is blue, you have to first ‘recognize’ in order to perceive something correctly. It took a while before I realized there were crystal plants and beings as well as large formations such as mountains and valleys.

Astral travel is not without its dangers. Spectres in particular are a deadly danger in every corner of the astral plane. They are pure energy beings which feed on the life force that they suck out of their victims. Usually they approach stealthily and get a secure grip on the astral body to prevent it from moving away, while they extract all the vital energy from their victim.

For that reason I was very happy that Master Keselow was with me. Psionics can stand up to Spectres and significantly harm them. The Spectre would rather seek easier prey than engage in a long mind-to-mind battle with a Psionic.

My spiritual eyes involuntarily searched the blue surroundings looking for these monsters.

However, Master Keselow calmed down quickly. He realized that no other presences was nearby except for the pebble ants to our left.

Then I saw it too — the palm-sized, octahedron-shaped bodies of navy blue pebble ants.

They industriously dragged small blue stones into the caves and crevices of the mountains in front of us.

It was fascinating to see how their bodies were emitting various shimmering shades of navy blue. Thus, their vitality was on the astral plane.

I do not know how long I watched them bustle; it washed over me as I just stood there, an experience made entirely in blue: the mountains, the rocks, the crystal flowers, pebbles ants, the crunching dark blue sand…

Finally Master Keselow took my hand again and I suddenly woke up in the black room of Magnora.

I was about to protest when I realized how parched my throat was and that my stomach growled with hunger: We had spent almost 10 hours in the Blue Mountains and it was shortly after midnight.

I gratefully said goodbye and let myself be carried home py palankeen — still feeling my out-of-body experience.

I’ll never forget this wonderful trip.

When I went by the Weavers, Drapers and Dyers Quarter the next day, it dawned on me that their world was not that colorful, and I had the feeling that there were only a fraction of the true colors before me —especially if it was something blue…