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Our reporter from North Yodan brings good news from Talon, Gord and Per. The cities most affected from last year’s tsunami have been able to repair most of the damage by using local military crews and the local mage guilds.Of course nature will still need some time until the effects of the devastation have grown over, but with the help of the Druids Association of North Yodan, these damages also will soon be history.Congratulations and thanks to the local people who worked alongside the soldiers and magicians.This glorious banner of solidarity takes precedence over one of the darkest days in the history North Yodan.Corpses and skeletons, those that did not fall victim to the ghouls, are still found in the remaining rubble.There were 30,000 victims of the tsunami in Yodan alone, according to estimates from the Adamantine Porte.More than 50,000 deaths are suspected in the Eastern Empire.

The cause of the flood is still unclear.Some experts see a link to the appearance of a comet.Others think it was a sign that Crossos, the god of destruction, wanted to undermine the tenure of the current High Priest.

The Temple of Crossos strongly rejected this assumption, however, claiming alchemical experiments were responsible and citing that the phenomenon was artificially created.