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The Magnora conference inspired and organized by Queen Latifa to combat piracy in the South Yodan Sea ended in an uproar yesterday evening.

Participants included the Western Empire, the Southern Island Kingdom, the Eastern Empire, and the Kingdom of Yodan and Windun.

From the beginning the Western Empire, represented by the Special Envoy Kahlad, accused the Southern Island Kingdom of having responded with only “massive inertia” to the pirate crisis. The Southern Island Kingdom’s emissary Alefandel dismissed those allegations in the strongest terms.

The envoy from the Eastern Empire, Lady Aranxi-Phyu, who held the Conference Chair, had to repeatedly muster all her skill to separate the two brawlers.

Count Selerz von Cutura, the representative of Yodan and Windun, reported to the Magnora Morning that the blowup came at the eleventh hour close to noon yesterday.

In a war of words between Kahlad and Alefandel, the Western Empire ambassador suddenly poured red ink over the surprised elf from the Southern Island Kingdom.

“This is a symbol of the bloodshed caused by King Firat III and the inaction of the Southern Island Kingdom. Shame on him!“ cried Kahlad.

Alefandel was restrained only with difficulty from falling upon the swaggering ambassador of the Western Empire.

Following this incident, the conference was cancelled.

Observers see in the scandal another sign of growing tensions between the Southern Island Kingdom and the Western Empire.

The alleged pirate leader Grutort will be pleased that the residents and neighbors of the South Yodan Sea could not agree.

All citizens of the kingdoms are ultimately the victims, because the merchants will add the higher cost of escorting their merchant ships to the sales price of the goods.

Another conference is not planned.