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The dwarf cook Lijasul, who has repeatedly been called upon to prepare exquisite banquets for the Adamantine Porte, will be appointed to the hereditary nobility next Demeter Day. From then on she will carry the title of Lady Lijasul.

The dwarf became famous for a superb meat pie made with moonlight fungi. Today this creation is the most ordered dish in her Diamond Cave chain of gourmet restaurants.

Even elves have been seen as guests in her establishment.

Lijasul herself is looking forward to the award. “It’s wonderful to be respected and venerated for something that you are able to make yourself. Too bad that the title isn’t linked to an annuity!” the dwarf cook announced with a wink.

Meanwhile her 50-year daughter Argola manages a flourishing chain of restaurants in Yodan, Phi, and as far away as the Eastern Empire port city of Hanloeine, where they offer simplified versions of the dishes made by her 120-year-old mother at affordable prices.

The peerage ceremony will take place in the large throne room of the Crystal Palace. Only invited guests are allowed to attend.

Lady Sommerlang plans to do an extra day of fasting so she can eat heartily at the banquet which follows.

She has been a weekly guest for years at the Diamond Cave.