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Three prisoners escaped by unknown means from the magicians prison in Magnora. Although all prisoners have suppressor collars that neutralize both their psionic and magical abilities, the three felons managed to escape. Their collars were found in the north tower of the prison near two dead guards. The mage police have started an investigation.

The escapees are as follows:

  1. Drefid Windun, torture specialist. He is a high-level psionic known for his extraordinary cruelty. Windun is bald, about 5 feet 9 inches tall and very thin. There is a fine scar encircling his neck, caused by a garrote. He is extremely dangerous and will kill instantly for any reason with his death glare.
  2. Wasonandil, a half-elf from the Silver Islands. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall, very good-looking and muscular. He’s a spell mage of average quality with a broad spell repertoire. He has repeatedly been convicted of marriage fraud, murder of his wives and inheritance hunting. He uses standard love and flatter magic to entrap his mostly female victims.
  3. The summoner Ulander from Lunata in the Western Empire. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and very obese. Ulander is an expert in several circles of power, including animating and controlling the undead. In his last arrest the mage police had to confront an army of 200 undead before they could apprehend Ulander. He has murdered several jewelers, each being killed by an object under his control.

All three escapees spent a half-year in mage prison and were sentenced to the death penalty. The Adamantine Porte has offered 2,000 pieces of gold for the apprehension of the perpetrators. The Mages Guild of Magnora is supplementing that with 1,000 gold pieces, so that for each of the three escapees – dead or alive – there is a total reward of 3,000 pieces of gold.

There is an additional reward of 1,000 gold pieces for Information leading to their arrest. For more information, the main station of the mage police in the Mage Quarter has wanted posters and details.