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With the coming of Crossos Day, the goldsmiths, jewelers and gem-cutters district will hold this year’s jewelry fair. As usual the Great Temple of Acoatlan adjoining the district will provide space for the foreign jewelry dealers.

There are increased security conditions throughout the quarter. The city guard is running twice as many patrols as usual. Baron Zaretsch, the prefect of the city guard, recalled last year’s incident when three thieves collaborated with an illusionist. Only by chance were they caught and convicted. “We won’t be able to prevent all incidents, but the minimum offense limit is suspended during the period of the jewelry fair. Arrested perpetrators will be allowed to compete in the gladiators arena the following day.”

Many celebrities and nobles from all over the world have announced their participation.

Lady Sommerlang has said that she is particularly looking forward to the work of the dwarves from Sinkarp (Western Empire). Baroness Silberberg is focused on kobold jewelry from Giant Mountain, known for their exotic and outstanding ornaments. The slave trader Henuit is looking for rare blue diamonds from this year’s diamond caravan. The courtly goldsmith of the Adamantine Porte may sell a few pieces to people which do not belong to the court.

The purchasing behavior of the alchemists is eagerly anticipated. In the past year 10% fewer precious stones, jewels and ornaments were purchased for further processing into magical items. Besides the nobility, alchemists are the second most important group of buyers.

The silver ornamental trees from Palantia are the latest fashion trend. These are exact miniature replicas of deciduous and coniferous trees, less than two feet tall. Each leaf has been hammered from the finest silver from the Silver Islands and is hallmarked . The cheapest sapling starts at 500 gold pieces.

The jewelry fairy lasts exactly one week through Crossos Day.