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The week-long “Sublime Helmet“ jousting tournament is organized this year by the noble family of Urgewald. As the Adamantine Porte has announced, that with a compelling application the Urgewalds outrivaled the two other competitors – the Sommerlangs and the Silberbergs – with the implementation of this prestigious major festival.

The usually loquacious Lady Sommerlang declined to comment on the award to the Urgewalds, and Baron Silberberg only made a monosyllabic “good tournament” congratulations.

For nearly 250 years the “Adamantine Helmet” has been the largest knights tournament on Rubidium, and its high prize money and award of titles attract knights from all over the world.

Most inns are fully booked for weeks and an estimated 10,000 visitors from near and far are expected for the tournament kick-off next Mordophane Day.

In addition to the lance riding (jousting) and archery competitions, for several years the so-called “mishmash” has enjoyed increasing popularity.

Here one knight and another knight come together to form a pair in a triathlon. This consists of swordplay, with the respective pair being chained back to back, perform lance riding in which the knight-pair are sitting together on a horse, one holding a lance, and the other holding a shield, and the blindfolded arching, whilst one blindfolded aims, the other directs his companion.

The “mishmash” pair exchange for finding a fight partner is still open for two more days.

For 131 years no knight has won the grand prize – the Adamantine Helmet. This prize is gained by winning the three major tournament disciplines – lance riding, archery and sword duel.

The elf Ferandil was the last prize winner. He still takes part every year, but his success has not been repeated since.