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An international ring of criminal magicians was broken up in the past few days by the Mages Guild Police in the Eastern Empire, the Southern Island Kingdom, the Western Empire, and Yodan. The Mages Guild noticed an increase of lower quality scrolls over the past two years. These scrolls were not registered by the Mages Guild (and therefore no fees were paid to the guild).

In cooperation with the Bounty Hunters Guild, the Mages Guild Police have now been able to apprehend several suspects.

Legal proceedings will take place before the Court of Magicians in Lunata (Western Empire), the Mages Guild confirms. The alleged head of the gang, the half-dwarf Bergon, is a Western Empire citizen. Other members of the vast network are being sought.

The Mages Guild warns spell scroll buyers that most of the illegal scrolls advertised are of low quality. In addition, they only have three fake registration numbers: 325-563-224; 325-476-778; and 325-437-426.

All were supposedly issued in Aseden (Western Empire).

The Mages Guild advises potential buyers to only use official channels, such as the main temples and the guilds for alchemists and mages, and not to seek apparent bargains on the black market.