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A remarkable auction of Freen artifacts took place a week ago in Aseden, the provincial capital of Soccara (Western Empire) in the Cape Rescue area. Objects more than 5,000 years old were salvaged from Skeleton Bay and appear to be the remnants of a merchant ship that was unearthed somewhere between the Land of the Freen(now the Land of the Dead) and the ancient Western Empire.

A particularly well-preserved statue of Demeter scored the price of 15,000 gold pieces, while a statue decorated with gold rune blessings sold for an impressive 7,000 gold pieces.

Even the badly damaged shield of a Freen warrior was bought by an unknown collector from Kefra (Southern Island Kingdom) for 1,500 gold pieces.

This was the first auction of Freen artifacts in 50 years on Rubidium. A group of entrepreneur investors had taken the risk of going directly into the Land of the Dead to look for submerged Freen ruins. Only three of twenty participants have brought back a few Freen objects.

The Summoner Zarotas financed and managed the expedition to discover the merchant ship, employing underwater summoners and water elementalists to help salvage the finds from the sea. He plans another expedition in two months a little closer to the Land of the Dead coast.

The Mages Guild of Aseden has discouraged its members from joining Zarotas’ dangerous expedition that goes so close to the Land of the Dead.

We will keep our readers informed of new developments.