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Trapor and Aotor, two centrally located counties in the Western Empire, have expanded their decades-old bloody feud. According to eyewitness reports, heavy fighting and increased use of magic has been seen at several points along the border.

King Galad IV appeared angered by the further escalation of the feud and forced the two Counts to the negotiating table to resolve their problems. Count Kabirre of Aotor dismissed the statements from Moon Lake as interference in Aotor’s internal affairs. In a sharp reply he accused King Galad of partisanship. Count Trapossis welcomed the comments of the leaders and suggested having a roundtable discussion in the capital of the Western Empire, Lunata on Moon Lake.

Both parties have been fighting each other in skirmishes for nearly 40 years, after a wedding linking the two noble families did not materialize.

Observers estimate losses amounting to more than 500 deaths in the past few weeks. A cessation of hostilities is not in sight. Both Counts are considered equally responsible.