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A burglary occurred the day before yesterday in Lunata, the capital of the Western Empire, according to reports from our correspondent there.

Despite the best safety precautions, thieves were able to steal a glass ceremonial chalice. The so-called “Goblet of Clarity” was a magical artifact from one of the earliest Freen dynasties. Its dark blue glass body was decorated with red glass beads on its base and around the cup rim. The chalice is able to cure many mental disorders.

Archaeologists of magic estimate the artifact to be 9000 years old. It was one of the showpieces in the Freen Museum’s permanent collection.

Its value is estimated to be least 200,000 gold pieces.

The museum management has mandated the Mages Guild police to begin the investigation immediately.

In order to find and fix the security issues, the museum will be closed until further notice.

This targeted robbery was done by experts commissioned by a wealthy art collector.

A reward for the capture of the perpetrators and/or the replacement of the cup has been set at 10,000 gold pieces. This is the highest reward in Rubidium for the past 10 years.