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After the tenth prostitute was fished out of Magnora Harbor within two months, the Guilds of Prostitutes, Hustlers and Sex Workers are calling for mage guild police involvement.

“The harbor police are overwhelmed by this case. We call for the intervention of the mage guild police!” said Lise Saleme, the half-elf spokeswoman for the Prostitutes Guild.

“Otherwise we shall be forced to strike to enforce our demands. I doubt that there are enough prostitute and hustler slaves to absorb the demand.”

Colonel Prestor, the commander of the harbor police, acknowledged that they have no clues about the perpetrator.

“I am no obstacle of consulting the mage guild police,” he clarified in an interview with our reporter.

The mage guild police stands ready and waiting for a directive from the Adamantine Porte.

The Prostitutes Guild hopes that the mage guild police and their assets will bring an early end to the series of murders.

Particularly frightening are the bite marks found on the victims, who were partially missing chunks of flesh.

Initial investigations in the harbor basin have not produced any evidence.

We will continue to keep our readers informed.