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A group led by the undead adventurer Harctrain brought several full rucksacks of uncut rubies to Magnora from the volcanic Clankra’s mountains (Dragon Islands / Southern Island Kingdom). The Guild of Gem Cutters and Jewelers praised the excellent quality of the rubies and hosted a successful auction.

One specimen weighing more than 11 lbs (20,000 carats) is considered to be one of the largest rubies ever found on Rubidium. It was eventually bought by an anonymous buyer from Sinkarp (Western Empire) for 1.4 million gold pieces.

Harctrain, the leader of the adventurers, was extremely satisfied with the total revenue of approximately 2.2 million pieces of gold – a sum that to mere mortals appears unreal and fantastic.

Twelve of the twenty-two adventurers lost their lives in the perilous expedition, usually by dragons. Three dead bodies were recovered and brought back with the proceeds. Every adventurer can look forward to more than 150,000 pieces of gold booty, with Harctrain receiving more than 200,000.

The undead has announced he will donate 100,000 pieces of gold to the temple of Mordophane.

The connection between Harctrain and Mordophane and their supporters is legendary.