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It is rumored that several slave rebellions have arisen in areas controlled by the Wolven in the Copper Islands. As we reported, a merchant ship which was moored in Balorus has been unable to obtain copper for more than three weeks. A bribed goblin who is involved with the Wolven copper mining operation indicates that several hundred slaves, captives and Wolven guards were victims in the riots. The garrisons of the Eastern Empire on Balorus were put on high alert. Some ships of the Eastern Empire’s Navy will lay anchor near the Copper Islands to accommodate potential refugees.

The Eastern Empire has been trying to redeem captives or enslaved people from the copper mines for a long time. But as long as there is no agreement on the exchange of prisoners between the realm of the Eastern Empire and Wolven, probably the people who have been caught and deported will end up in the Wolven mines and sold in exchange for Wolven prisoners in the arenas for gladiatorial contests.