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The Mages Guild police from Magnora are working together with the local authorities of Meroxalia against a cunning smuggler ring from nearby Namur county (Western Empire) that has introduced mainly opium and “tax free” emeralds into Yodan.

The Mages Guild police of Magnora have sought cooperation with illusion specialists, because the smugglers’ ships and goods are camouflaged with illusion spells that often allow them to land quite publicly in the port of Meroxalia.

There were no high-level illusionists on site in Meroxalia – up to now the manhunt has focused on Fernanda, who is under strong suspicion.

As Fernanda can change her appearance arbitrarily with illusions, no one knows her real appearance.

The Meroxalia City Guard and the Mages Guild together have put out a reward of 5,000 gold pieces for the arrest of Fernanda.

The high amount of reward money is meant to attract professional bounty hunters in order to relieve the inadequately staffed Mages Guild of Meroxalia.

The Bounty Hunters Guild of Magnora has promised to make a Rubidium-wide announcement and notification of the search for Fernanda in their communities worldwide.

When asked how they will be able to find a woman who they neither know what she looks like nor where she is, the famous bounty hunter Shaomin from the Eastern Empire cryptically replied: “We bounty hunters have a few magical surprises in store that mere mortals would think impossible. Fifty percent of suggestions for new magic items are made from the Bounty Hunters Guild itself or its members working directly with alchemists…”