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“It was just after midnight when a barrage of Wolfen stormed into the metalworkers quarter. I hid on the roof and watched as the Wolfen abducted several dwarf blacksmiths and indiscriminately killed women and children…”

This harrowing eyewitness account from the blacksmith’s apprentice Kessinos reached Magnora Morning just before the editorial deadline.

The Wolfen raiders came from approximately 20 ships and specifically targeted the copper workers. So far 17 coppersmiths, mostly dwarves, are reported missing. The spokesman for the dwarf community of Parlo, which includes nearly 2,500 dwarfs, expressed shock at this strike aimed against his people. Parlo has requested 1,000 dwarf warriors from the nearby dwarf stronghold of Shan Ankon in order to protect the city better.

Hanis von Silberberg, who served as ambassador for many years in the Wolfen Kingdom and is a renowned expert on Wolfen affairs, suspects a connection with the slave revolts on the Copper Islands, which are controlled by the Wolfen (MM reported).

This is suggested by the fact that the Wolfen looted copper bars in addition to gold.

The magistrate of Parlo has urgently demanded the establishment of solid ramparts around the Sublime Porte.

Hanis von Silberberg recommended that ramparts and fortifications be added to all port cities along the coast of Yodan and Windun. “Cities without city walls are like an unwritten invitation to Wolfen to visit again!” added the former ambassador.

The Sublime Porte still has no comment at the present time, and referred all inquiries to the forthcoming report from the Fleet Command.