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In the northeastern cliffs of the Iron Mountains (about 40 miles northwest of the mining town of Mungo) geologists have discovered an ancient dwarf city, which fell into ruin more than 5000 years ago.

Dwarf chronologists from Shan Ankon have identified the city as Delfetul, the legendary city of the dwarf clans of Delftun. This clan was completely destroyed during the war with the Great Old Gods. It is believed that it was a conflict of great treachery and betrayal, because not even children survived this dark period.

A large delegation of archaeologists, chroniclers, mages and priests, accompanied by 100 dwarf paladins, will explore the city in depth during the coming weeks.

The Delftun were known for their artistry as weaponsmiths. Some say that they even made rune weapons, which were shaped according to your own personality.

Perhaps the Delftun were a threat to the old gods and were thus destroyed down to the last child.