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Appearing at Lady Ferbala’s reception, Lady Sommerlang has had a new self-rejuvenation through the spell restoration – mind you, this is the third this year. With her 46 years her beauty eclipsed several younger women at the ball in honor of Presalde, the goddess of healing.

MM-freelancers of the beggars guild had seen her in the morning, as the patient with a heavily made-up face was driven to the famous healer Sartorino. Fifteen minutes later, the beggars were only able to recognize her by her striking clothes.She cheerfully and generously gave alms in pieces of silver.

Let’s hope that Lord Arsien Sommerlang’s assets can keep pace with the aesthetic wishes of his wife. A potion of transformation would have cost only a fraction of her rejuvenation, but the comparison is misleading because a rejuvenation acts permanently while the standard version of the potion only lasts one hour.

Lady Sommerlang persisted in her generosity at the ball.She donated 100 (!) gold pieces for the extension of the Presalde Pagoda of the Children’s Hospital.

Chairwoman Dolihan presented the Sommerlangs a plaque in thanks.