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Deirdre, the richest and most powerful slave dealer of Yodan, has separated from her lover Juphiniel. We have learned from well-informed sources that Juphiniel was cheating with the alchemist Gefondos.

Deirdre is not scheduling any more public appointments and she has handed over current business to her associates.

Juphiniel is a descendant of the old Benetnasch lineage, belonging to one of the 15 United Elvish families.He has received a lot of criticism for his involvement with a human woman who has no aristocratic roots.Whether his family will be happier with the eccentric alchemist Gefondos is questionable

The son they had together, the half-elf Karamander, initially will stay with his mother.

The Benetnasch family has invited Karamander to reside with his uncle Erakiel.Erakiel is a respected and powerful spell magician who will make sure his nephew wants for nothing.

We’ll keep our readers informed of developments in this ongoing drama.