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The week-long feast of Mordophane — the goddess of death, pestilence and disease — begins tomorrow on Mordophane day.

The awards ceremony for “black animals” is eagerly awaited. As usual, every year all households in Magnora can participate by covering a dead animal with tar and nailing it to their door. The priests of Mordophane go through the entire city and note the impressive doors. The winner gets a year of free medical care, and all residents of the household are allowed to be buried in the cemetery of the Great Temple, or after death serve as undead to the temple.

At the conclusion of the celebrations, ten slaves with special fighting abilities are sacrificed to Mordophane and then taken up as undead members of the temple guard.

The city guard knows that only 1,500 visitors are allowed in the Great Temple of Mordophane at the sacrifice. Therefore, in the adjoining temple a illusion-broadcast of the sacrifice will be shown in order to reduce overcrowding in the main temple.