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Our local Mages Guild Police (MGP) officially announced yesterday that the fugitive summoner Ulander from the Western Empire was caught. Together with the torture specialist Drefid and the half-elf Wasonandil, Ulander had escaped from the magicians prison some time ago (according to MM reports).

In a spectacular arrest that took place in the Dyers, Clothmakers and Weavers quarter, a fire-elemental controlled by Ulander destroyed two houses and damaged several nearby buildings. The MGP special forces team, which consists of a Psionic, a spell magician, a summoner, and an elementalist, were able to finally overwhelm the fugitive summoner after strong opposition.

Six-members of the Junonen draper family died in their burning houses. The MGP regrets the deaths of the victims and will compensate the relatives with money and magical services.

A resurrection was – as usual in these cases – rejected. The Dyers, Clothmakers and Weavers Guild has submitted an official protest to the Mages Guild.

The whereabouts of Ulander’s two cronies are still unknown.

For tactical reasons the MGP is also refusing to reveal the immediate circumstances as to how they were able to track down Ulander.

A spokeswoman for the MGP announced only that they assume the other two escapees are still residing in Greater Magnora.

It is hoped that the arrest of the other two criminals will be less bloody and destructive.