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The famous undead adventurer Harctrain was attacked last night by unknown persons and seriously injured. A Mordophane priestess was able to heal his injuries, which were caused by a magical axe.

This is now the third attack on the undead in the Magnora metropolitan area within the past month. Two undead minions of Mordophane Temple were assaulted earlier this month. Again the culprit managed to flee unrecognized.

Famke Geneel, the High Priestess of Mordophane, has turned to the Mages Guild police with this statement:

“For more than 150 years the undead have been able to walk in our liberal city unmolested. Some followers of our faith take a vow to forever serve the temple as undead after their deaths. We find it outrageous and unheard of that the undead are victims of racist violence. I curse the perpetrators in the name of all followers of Mordophane!”

The undead adventurer Harctrain expressed agreement with the Adventurers Guild chairman, Lexerios von Jelke.

“We condemn these attacks and the Adventurers Guild is offering a bounty of 50 gold pieces for the apprehension of the perpetrators.”

Lexerios added: “The undead were secretly welcomed into our Adventurers Guild more than 200 years ago. Today the annex to the Adventurers Guild House, which is specifically tailored to the needs of undead Adventurers, can be used until further notice as a haven for all undead who are present in the city. We have strengthened our entry security and increased the number of door guards. The Adventurers Guild house is safe for the undead.”

It is rumored that the militant religious splinter group ‘The Nameless’ is behind these attacks. These supporters of ‘nameless gods’ reject the undead as contrary to nature and the divine.

Other rumors point to militant Druids. The Druid Order has condemned the attacks in a letter and pointed to the Council of Herrat in which the Druid Order had ratified in the ‘Acts of Tolerance’ the nomadic undead.

Harctrain has also acquitted the Druids of any involvement. “I have on occasion cooperated with the Druids for over 50 years. The Druids respect the ‘Acts of Tolerance’ and I was able to complete my work unmolested.