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The separatist organization FMF (Free Merkap Forever) made another attack on the military base at the port city of Losannia, Magnora Morning learned from reliable sources. The garrison was understaffed for quite some time because of sporadic pay from the Western Empire. Insiders have pointed out corruption within the Western Empire Army for quite a while.

A relief squad was shipped in from the distant island of Sinkarp, which reconquered the military post after three days of fighting. The Southern High Command of the Western Empire is concerned about the rebels’ magical equipment. Several mid-level magic spells have been found that are considered very destructive and dangerous.

It is believed that at least one cult or temple organization has been secretly helping the separatists.

Western Empire diplomats are accusing the Southern Island Kingdom of supporting the rebels from the neighboring Silver Islands. Ambassador Palantias dismissed the accusation as complete fiction, pointing to the poor living conditions on Merkap caused by corruption, nepotism and excessive taxes.