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Höhen von ZorannDisturbing news from Antann in the Southern Island Kingdom: Kobold King Pteryn II of the Zorann Heights in a message to Firat III has renounced the weapons delivery agreements between the autonomous Kobold Kingdom of Zorannaster and the Southern Island Kingdom. These contracts have lasted for more than 120 years.

Existing orders are to be fulfilled, but after that no more kobold weapons will be delivered to the Southern Island Kingdom.

The diplomats are still puzzling over how the kobolds will utilize their forges and mines once the Golden Divan is no longer a buyer.

Kobold weapons are expensive; they’re very ergonomic, specialized weapons. The Southern Island Kingdom was buying them for their palace guards and military special forces. A Leprechaun falchion sword, one of the most popular weapons in Palantia, trades for at least 150 pieces of gold. Special orders made for noblemen often sell for ten times that, especially if they are customized with gems and the family coat of arms.

The port city of Pukann in the southeastern Antann fears it will suffer huge losses of freight income when the last weapons have been shipped and delivered.