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Admiral Xerin-Min with a squadron of the Eastern Empire fleet has made a successful strike against pirates infesting the waters between Cape Starfish, Golrapp (Eastern Empire), Antann and the northwestern Islands of Oblivion (Southern Island Kingdom).

As recently as a month ago four merchant vessels carrying valuable and rare dwarf machinery from Shan Ankon (Yodan) were captured and sunk. Only two survivors were able to testify about the attack.

“As a trading nation, the Eastern Empire has great interest in secure seaways,” announced a spokesperson for the Eastern Empire Navy. She went on to say that “the Eastern Empire will do everything possible to curb the growing number of pirate attacks.”

The navy has recruited more battle mages to supplement the warship escort crew, which has traditionally been dominated by Elementalists. The Eastern Empire promises to strengthen their fleet since an increasing number of pirate ships have been wreaking havoc on guild magicians.

Commenting from the sidelines of the victory parade, Admiral Xerin-Min says “we still have a long way to go until the waters are navigable without an escort again.” He recommends transport only in convoys of at least seven ships.

The Merchantman Guild rejects this recommendation as unworkable and is calling for more patrols from the Eastern Empire and the Southern Island Kingdom.