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The spell that emerged from an accidental scroll conversion, Fly like a hedgehog, has been raised by the Council of the Mages Guild to the status of an officially teachable spell.

The spell has already been traded for a long time among insiders as a silver bullet against archers and flying hunters and is enjoying increasing popularity in recent years.

The secret of “hedgehog flying” lies in its absolute unpredictability. Once the spell is issued, the magician can certainly aim for an approximate direction, but it heads there via rapid zigzagging at different speeds. This brings archers to despair and can also thwart the hopes of sky robbers like dragons, giant eagles and the Pegasus vampire .

The “inventor” is Hageleinen, a half-Wolfen, who had tried to learn a Fly like an eagle spell 3 years ago from a spell scroll conversion. But there was a problem and what resulted was an unstable spell that his friends affectionately called “Fly like a hedgehog,” named because of the similarity of the Elvish word for eagle to the East dialect word for hedgehog.

Hageleinen had sold his newly-discovered spell very cheaply at the beginning, until a longbowman brought to his attention the spell’s applicability as protection against projectiles and air predators.

Now Hageleinen owns a number of villas in Greater Magnora and is a guest lecturer at the Mages University in Magnora.

The current recording of his spell in the official canon of university teachings represents the culmination of a rapid success story in the mage milieu.

And should we still claim that hedgehogs cannot fly…