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Marc-webseiteBorn 1970 I was a pioneer of fantasy roleplaying in the mids of the 1980’s. Later I became RPG-master in a variety of RPG-systems.
For a while I have worked as senior consultant in the area of knowledge management. I started my “real” career as an author in 2012 in Germany, of course in German. My portfolio of 10 books (September 2015) includes 3 books of a fantasy-series (with a total of 13 books to come, the wheel of fortune-series), 4 books regarding systemic family constellations, a children’s book in a medieval setting (the small robber-knight rob), the spiritual entrepreneur, and a book about biorhythm. All these books will be translated into English in the future.
I live together with my wonderful wife Sarah (she creates my remarkable book-covers) and two children (for them I’m hurrying to write more children’s books as they grow up faster than I have time to write …)