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The twin islands of the Cyclops (between Clankra and Kalantan / Southern Island Kingdom) have recently received important visitors from the Golden Divan: Prince Faruk, the eldest son of Firat III and heir to the throne, have sailed in person to the Cyclops twin islands to negotiate with the Cyclops leader Askylos on arms shipments. (from Magnora Morning reports) After the kobolds of Zorann phase out their arms supply agreement, the Southern Island Kingdom is leaning toward the more expensive and effective Cyclops weapons to equip their elite forces.

The Cyclops equip their magical weapons with electric eel power and lightning bolts that inflict additional damage. Typically they cost twelve times as much as a kobold weapon.

It is rumored from reliable sources that the Golden Divan is seeking an exclusive 10-year contract.

Cyclops leader Askylos will certainly be enriched if this exclusive right is obtained.

It is rumored that more autonomy rights within the Southern Island Kingdom should be conceded to the Cyclops.

In Palantia City nobody was willing to comment on the ongoing developments.