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“The Last Freen” premieres tomorrow in the Dragonheart great opera hall, closing the “Demise of the Freen” opera cycle. The work, which was composed 400 years ago by the elf Wenariel, is considered a classic masterpiece in the opera world and the pinnacle of his creative output.

The three operas in the complete cycle began two seasons ago with “The Lure of the Freen,” which sold out every performance and was extended ten times.

It was the first operatic work to equal and surpass “The True Face of the Old Gods.”

The same is expected for this season’s part three, “The Last Freen.”

The changeling Terride sings the title role of Xarxa, the last Freen. Her dark companion is the elf Haoniel. An interesting fact is that Terride and Haoniel have just separated after 150 years of marriage. Opera House leader Horan von Junken sees no deterioration of their performances because of that.

“Both are professionals in their field for more than 200 years. They will continue to offer quality at the highest level.”

That fact that Terride as a changeling is able to mimic a real Freen with tentacle lips and oval head, deepens her particularly impressive role as the heroine Xarxa.

“It’s as if the Freen are still among us!” observed a rehearsal visitor to the Magnora Morning, referring to Lady Sommerlang.

Unfortunately, this opera will remain unaffordable to the everyday mortals of Magnora. The cheapest ticket costs 10 gold pieces. Whoever wants to watch Lady Sommerlang from the VIP box must pay 500 gold coins extra (service charge) per person for the box.