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Several nude protests of Druids and Druidesses took place in Umbrinor, a western province of the Western Empire in the past few days. The protest of the Druids, who made their march naked several times while transformed into their totem animals, were directed against extensive logging permits for naval construction. Umbrinor is next to Silvata province in the southeast, and is the Western Empire’s most forested area.

A spokesman for the Druids, Archdruid Garrenor, condemned the decision of the Royal Court in Lunata. The huge, contiguous area in Umbrinor in particular offers many plants, animals and other beings in an irreplaceable habitat that cannot be quickly regenerated.

The Druid Association urges the use of magical wooden sculpture to design naval plans for the king. However, to leave the nature preserves unlogged would triple the construction costs.

The frontlines are set and Prince Zeronas of Umbrinor is demanding magical support from the Palace at Moon Lake, so that tree felling may be started as planned.

Garrenor announced further protests and did not rule out sabotage in order to save the forest.